Lenovo Is So Wack

I have a Lenovo Yoga.

It sucks.

When you are typing a document in word, if you stop typing long enough for the screen to sleep, the touch pad stops working and you have to use your finger even though it’s not in tablet mode.

When you update, all your desktop icons disappear. I attempted to ask a question on their live chat and was forwarded to a screen that wanted 42$ to answer a question that in my opinion should be in a free forum.

I had an apple notebook and never had these issues. I thought the compatibility would be easier to PC’s but I’ve been more annoyed with this laptop than I ever was with my apple.

And with apple, I could easily visit a store and have my questions resolved for free.

Never again.

In fact, I will probably sell this laptop for half of what i payed and use the cash purchase something better and more predictable and reliable with better customer service after I spend nearly 1k!

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