Aesthetics aren’t everything

This is my second Lenovo product. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson from the first. Aesthetically, this all-in-one PC is is beautiful. Operationally, it is not. I’ve had issues with it since day one. I have internet hardwired to it and it has always been super slow. I use it mainly as a media computer. I rarely, if ever, surf the net on it. The only time i use the internet is to get album artwork or to download certain programs. Everything is a snail’s pace with this thing. Next PC will NOT be a Lenovo product. I miss my VAIO from Sony. That was an excellent PC.

LENOVO; The Sewing Machine of PCs

I hate this piece of junk! I could never get the sound to work with out an external amplifier. I spent hours on the phone with Lenovo support. Their recommendation was fault was the OS software. So I ask Microsoft for assistance which resulted in new operating system and yet the problem remain. I am actual finish with PCs thank to Lenovo. Through with PCs and bug ridden Windows, they’re really the past.

Lenovo prove to be junk


I have had this NEW piece of crap Lenovo computer for a year now and still have not been able to use it… Evertime i have gone to use it something is wrong… the screen jumps around …it freezes …it has been sent back to the factory … and now i have to take it back again because it freezes AND jumps around NOW
… i have an old asus i thought i needed to replace…. STILL USING THAT OLD COMPUTER

Don’t buy this computer!


I have been buying PCs since 1989 and I’ve never had so many problems with a PC as with the first and definitely last Lenovo I ever bought. The first thing that happened immediately was the computer kept causing my Wifi router to drop all connections every 5-10 minutes. I tried everything and finally in desperation I had to remove the Wifi card from the Lenovo motherboard and replace it with a Wifi dongle and a Bluetooth dongle. This took up 2 USB ports making it difficult to attach all my devices to the computer. Now, after less than a year, the computer won’t shut down I have to pull the power cable to make it shut off, AND it won’t start without the BIOS complaining about a fan not operating when it clearly IS operating. What a total piece of garbage. I swear NEVER Lenovo AGAIN!!!!

Run Away From Lenovo

I have a Lenovo Ideacentre 3. It’s 15 months old and has been repaired 7 times for the same issue. Keeps losing the OS and frying the hard drive. They refuse to replace the entire machine nor refund my money.


It takes sooooooo long to start up. I have no fricking idea what the hell it’s doing. I rarely use the computer so it’s not like I have a lot of software that starts in the background. RIDICULOUS. I cannot wait to get something different!!!! Oh by the way, my mother has a Lenovo and she has the exact same problem.

Lenovo sucks

Lenovo absolutely sucks everything’s plastic including the screen I have to pay 700+ to get the best Lenovo computer that doesn’t have a working keyboard and I have to plug in the charger all day never buying from Lenovo again

No Lenovo

Unfortunately I have made a grave mistake and purchased a Lenovo ‘Computer’. Using the word ‘Computer’ is a stretch though. That would indicate that it computes. This thing spends most of it’s time frozen. Avoid this brand like the plague! It will only cause you high stress and have a negative effect on your mental health. I will certainly not be makng the same mistake again.

Screw Levono

I have two Levonos they suck 1 at school and at home. We started getting of on a bad track record with them the 1 at school would die fast and when I updated or restarted they deleted everything execpt useless for example edge I hate that and I had to ask my teacher to fix it then my teacher figured out that they would die fast and we literally had to shut them down get up and charge them. And they would last 2 hours. The second 1 was at home and my mom bought it she bought 2 for 700 dollars one for my bro and for me now my brother had no issues except his account glicthed but most of the time he would play Roblox one day we when we were playing games on break he got so mad at it he killed it and soon he started having issues he got in trouble so that he was on big punishment now he has to replace with his college money yikes. Mines I was actually excited and it worked fine until I used in another week it started having problems when I typed my password it would say it wouldn’t exists same for username but that’s bull shark because I would literally see my username in front of it. It was so bad I had to get my brother username and password didn’t work it’s been 6 or 7 months I tried using it today didn’t work so screw it I’ll just use my chrome book. There is only 1 positive nice picture

Lenovo is garbage

lenovo sucks balls, there computers r trash and break easily, they take 6 months to repair and 3 months to send it to u. and also there quality is garbage.

Cheap and nasty

I bought a Lenovo Ideacentre 510 – 15ABR a couple years back because it was supposed to be able to run Guild Wars 2 with ease, as it had the requirements needed. With a price tag of around $1,200 it seemed like a bargain too. If it did was it was supposed to do at that price, why not? So I got it. It’s been a couple years now and it’s quite possibly the worst decision I’ve made in my entire life. You know the saying you get what you pay for? Yep. I got what I paid for. Cheap, and NASTY. Worst computer I’ve ever had. Takes 2-3 minutes to start up. Pages take forever to load. Constant crashes in Guild Wars 2. When I buy a new computer, I am NEVER going with Lenovo again. There’s a reason they’re a no-name-never-heard-of-brand. That’s why. They SUCK. Spend the extra money and go with a more well known brand that doesn’t take a lifetime to start up. We’ve also been in 2 house moves, so I’ve tried this computer in both a suburban area with supposedly ‘ultra fast fibre’ – which didn’t seem to make a scrap of difference with this shitter of a computer. And now we’re out rural with wifi internet, which you’d think would be worse, but the wifi internet here is actually really good, it’s just there doesn’t seem to be any difference in the constant crashes and 2-3 minute start up loading time of this crapper computer. Did I mention the constant restarts too? NEVER GO WITH LENOVO. Don’t make my mistake.

Gave Free Money to Lenovo

Dropped over a grand for a Lenovo IdeaCentre…never showed up, can’t get customer service to help me; it is as though I just sent Lenovo a charity check for $1500. I’m actually dumbfounded, because I was so excited to buy it. Lenovo SUCKS.

Lenovo has kept AIO almost 2 months!

I purchased my Lenovo AIO 10/2019 and have given me excuse after excuse. This desktop is for my mortgage business and I had to go out a purchase another one. This desktop was under warranty they have had it since 9/24/2020. I get nothing but we’re working on….STAY AWAY FROM LENOVO–I TELL EVERYONE when I’m at Best Buy or Costco not to purchase Lenovo


worst desk top every i regret buying now I am stuck wiht another piece of tech shit

Lenovo truly sucks

I don’t like the computer that much to start with, but I tried to order a new battery (expensive) and it’s been a month and the order hasn’t come. I want to cancel it and get my money back but the customer service is truly awful and I am PISSED because I need to order the battery from somewhere and I want my money back!!!

Poor customer service

I purchased a Lenovo Chromebook about 4 months ago so it is still under warranty. The unit will not start and it will not charge. I filled out the proper request for service form but have been given no direction as to how to get it fixed. I tried on line chat three times. Every time I was put in a queue and when it got to my turn I got a “no one is available, please try later”. I have e-mailed several times and gotten no response. The customer service phone is actually lined to sales and not service.

Flies have longer lifespans than this junkware

Bought an Ideacentre desktop just over two years ago, and not only was it bloated with Microsoft and Lenovo crapware, the card reader died, DVD drive (used once) died, power button is shonky as hell, and now the built-in wi-fi adapter has crapped out. I can’t remember how quickly the psu went sour. I know who won’t be selling me another pc.

Lenovo sucks


If you are ever planning to buy a all- in -one PC from lenovo,it would be worst mistake you will ever make. Most of you know that lenovo PC sucks, but all in one PC’s are even worser. The PC is so bad that it even lags when I play GTA San Andreas… I cant even open chrome or play some music. I would recommend you to avoid buying all in one PC’s made by lenovo. Mostly all in one PC sucks. Buy it only if you want a pc under budget

Lenovo is worthless

I use my desktop PC as a work station. Sort of a glorified word processor. I also like to burn and store DVDs and CD-Rs. Graphics and labeling are a hobby. Lenovo is unable to support sophisticated work loads. The optical drive is virtually unusable and I had to purchase a USB CD burner to actually make copies. Unintuitive and very weak, I will never buy another Lenovo product.


I HAVE A IDEAPAD 320-15IAP that i buyed in march 2018

Lenovo = Turd

Wow was this ever a poor purchase. The “expert” at Office Depot gave it rave reviews and assured it was so much better than everything else I was looking at in this price range. This is hands-down the slowest-starting and sluggish piece of shit I have ever owned. My first and last purchase of anything branded lenovo.

Lenovo’s deception

I bought an All-In-One Lenovo computer in October 2019 and in April 2020 the sound of the computer was damaged. I called them for the guarantee that I had paid (the best) and they did not provide service in my area, now they want me to pay shipping for them to fix it. I really consider both the computer and the Lenovo service to be a hoax. I would never recommend the service or negotiate with this company Levono, what a scam…


LENOVO JUST SUCK BRUH why the fuck does it keep saying “start pxe over ipv4” it’s been like this for a whole week like wtf, i legit can’t even use my PC or get into it. LENOVO JUST FUCKIN SUCK

I hope my mom just gets me a new fucking gaming PC and just leave shitty Lenovo products.

Why HP is Better Than Lenovo

Lenovo sucks, first. When I insert a disc, USB, or SD card, it crashes. Second, when I logon, it always stays in a black screen for 7 minutes then loads. Third, it wont eject disks correctly and is a scam with the high prices, I don’t have these problems with HP.

Customer service

I bought a computer monitor which the following day was sol by lenovo same site online for less money. I contacted them and asked if they have a price match for their own website within one day. No reply. I had a chat through online with their representative Kirstie Anne Lumagbas who never replied to my emails. It is not a big deal just I will never buy from them again and will advise whoever I can.

Lenovo Sucks!

I purchased a Lenovo Think Station on April 19, 2019. It was Dead On Arrival (NO Video Post). They executed 4 service orders with no success (Motherboards, CPU,etc) and even a replacement machine. It is now September 17, 2019 and I do NOT have a machine that has successfully booted even ONCE!

Bunch of useless tools at Lenovo

Tried to get ONE single technical question answered by Lenovo sales team. One hour, chat and 7 people on the phone later and we still have no answer. They bounced us around on the phone, back and forth between IBM and Lenovo, between sales and tech service, between US side and somewhere in China. Most of them didn’t even understand what we were talking about because they don’t speak proper English! Total bullshit company. Time to go to Dell or HP. IBM should have never sold to these clueless idiots.

Never again

I have a Lenovo desktop which developed a fault, says there’s no operating system (and won’t let me reinstall anything); there’s now a continuous POST beep noise but no amount of troubleshooting is solving the issues. I’ve had the computer since 2012, so I guess it’s off to recycling it goes. I’ve owned and used a lot of computers over the years, this is easily the worst and I won’t be buying another one.

Lenovo blows huge hairy chunks

Lenovo Blows
I got this Lenovo as a discount through work, where they did a program with the workplace for a “new” computer at a great rate…

1) the computer sucks
2) the start up sucks
3) you can’t change the start up without breaking the computer
4) so much spyware that it can take up to 15 minutes to boot, half of the spyware is in the win exe files… what a …
5) don’t live up to either their write up on what is included
5.1) don’t give a reason why you didn’t get the software you paid for
5.2) won’t give you the missing software that you paid for
5.3) sell software packages (like a migration tool) that doesn’t actually migrate anything, then tells you you are SOL. Of course, they take about 4 months of communication and time wasting before they tell you oohhh, too bad, so sad….

6) the computer sucks
7) you pay for a SSD and you get a disk! (listen to the whirl and grind)
8) … it simply sucks

NOW, if you want to practice yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, this may just be the tool for you.


If you wish to see if you can shotput a block rather than a shotput.. this also may be the tool for you

Otherwise, just don’t.

Lenovo is very thicc

lenovo is fucking shett
it dosent explain shit about the drivers
i hav a piece of shett of a m91p motherboard,it dosent provide schematics and to access the gigabit you need a driver that lenovo dosent provide

Lenovo Desktop 2013

I bought a used desktop and got a great deal as it was less than a year old at the time.

Little did I know that this would be the worst and most unreliable computer I have ever owned, even going back to the 90s. ….Almost half the time it takes an incredibly long time to start with out any notice given of why, though it usually starts fast.

Then it will slow down my mouse speed if idle for too long even though I have screensaver and power management turned OFF.

Please Lenovo, do yourself and the world a favor and get out of the computer game. You have ABOLSULTELY NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Go away!!!!

I will never buy another Lenovo product for so long as I live, new or used, no matter how good the deal. People who make Lenovo have no idea what the hell they are doing!!!!!!!

Be Careful if You are Looking to Buy

I bought a Lenovo 90 DQ with 500 GB hard drive 4GB ram with Intel Pentium and Windows 10 to talk to my wife when she was visiting in China.

I have qq, skype, goggle chrome and vlc media player, I do not run Skype at the same time as qq. The problem is that when I am on qq video chat with my wife, the video freezes on an off or the voice fades away, during qq video chats also will get a pop up note saying the CPU is overloaded and suggest I turn off other programs that are running, never had problems like this with ASUS or DELL.

ALSO I have bought an Lenovo Idea pad 1120 S for travel and not to happy with it!

Lenovo is off my list of electronics to select from. These Lenovos are heading to the recycle bin and I’m headed to purchase a more reliable product soon.

Lenovo Sucks

I will never purchase another Lenovo product again. This product sucks the big one. What a piece of shit this product is.

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Lenovo sucks

I will never purchase another Lenovo product again. this product sucks the big one. What a piece of shit this product is.