lenovo tablet=trash

i bought a lenovo tablet. after installing like 2 games its already laggy. too infrequent updates. randomly uninstalling apps. google play warns about the preinstalled camera app being dangerous. how on the earth? the only thing lenovo is really good in is making computer mouses lol.

Lenovo tablet rubbish

After x2 tablet purchases from Lenovo enough is enough. After a certain time period with both tablets they start have issues with charging and unable to update. Definitely set time periods both identical issues and obviously very common when looked into others experiences. Steer well clear very poor product.

Tablet M7 Shipped by Lenovo Bangkok as defective and told it’s your problem

From Lenovo after weeks of fighting with them.:
Thank you for contacting Lenovo Technical Support.
Dear customer , we try our best to help you solve the issue as your warranty cover under Carry-in type . We recommended several servicing centers in Thailand, but we were unable to satisfy you. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

My reply:
I would be happy to ship it to Had Yai for Warranty.

Please give me the email contact of someone in Hat Yai that can actually help.

You told me to contact Vserve support in Bangkok and we did.
They told us they have nothing to do with this and to contact you.
When we explained that you will not help, they said we could email them at request2repair@vserveplus.co.th but no one ever replied to that inquiry.

My wife is sick today and can’t call Had Yai by phone. If you don’t give me a email contact today we will try to call them Wed/Thur if she is better.
It would be nice if you could call Hat Yai explain the problem and ask them to contact me so I can ship to Tablet to them for repair but I can see you feel this is 100% my problem and nothing to do with Lenovo. My guess is because Had Yai won’t allow me to ship it to them and you know it, but it sounds better if they tell me no instead of you.

I am really confused why an international company as large as Lenovo is so unconcerned about their customers and unwilling to help them. You should be calling Hat Yai, not me.

You knew that Phuket does not have a Lenovo Service Center but you still:
1. You took my order
2. You took my money
3. You shipped the product to Phuket
4. You have said there is 11 month remaining on the warranty

Now that I have a problem you say: Sorry, we don’t have a service center in Phuket and we are not responsible for anything.
In fact, your very first reply said “we regret to close your case from on-site service support because your warranty cover under carry-in.”
Unbelievable that Lenovo will actually say to a customer that your warranty is void because we don’t have a service center near you. Case Closed!

Why is it my responsible to solve this problem and contact service centers that have no intention of helping me?

And why does it say to contact the CAP Manager “In the rare event that the technical support team cannot resolve your concerns.”
I haven’t received any replies from them offering to solve this?
Somebody at Lenovo must care, how do I contact them?

Honest Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Review

To be completely honest, Lenovo is THE WORST DEVICE COMPANY I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.

I’ve been using a tablet called ”Lenovo Yoga Tab 3” since 2017, and I’ve gotta admit: I thought the tablet was cool. the design of it was really interesting, the 180 camera, Dolby Atmos, etc.
I really though the tablet was amazing UNTIL 2019.

I revisited the tablet after 2 years, and I just realized that it is NOT WORTHY. THERE ARE ONLY A FEW GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS TABLET.

Good Things: 180 camera, Dolby Atmos, interesting tablet design, 16 hours of battery life

Bad Things: extremely big screen, a side of the tablet is really heavy, the camera is easy to break, 2 GB ram, 16 GB storage, very slow, and many more…

The things I want to complain about the most are THE RAM AND THE STORAGE.

Like c’mon, what were they thinking while creating this tablet? 2 GB ram is really low for 2016/2017+ standarts, and the 16 GB storage is really easy to fill.

After revisiting this tablet, I realized that:


I will never use a lenovo device EVER AGAIN. LITERALLY, NEVER.

Lenovo is very good in making worst devices

If you are planning in buying a cheap but a good tablet, then Lenovo is out of the question of course. They hype us with so many good features but the end result is always a scam look type tablet running on mediateck processor (worst).
Thank me later

Do NOT buy moto phones

This phone has a known hardware issue that you can not hear thought the speaker. You can only use this phone in speaker phone mode. No matter what time of the day or day of the week no one speaks very good English or due to there accent you can not understand them. I call warranty support they sent me a prepaid FedEx label. The agent told me to use a bubble mailer. They said it arrived damaged. Wasn’t like that when I sent it, have pics. They said that FedEx would deny it because no physical damage to the bubble mailer. Every reading this has enough snap to know it can be still damaged. I have to pay 249.00 for a broken case which has nothing with the hardware issue. I view this as a way NOT to stand behind there product. I have used Motorola since the days of the brick phone. NO MORE. So if you have to ship one back wrap it in a no less than 6″ of bubble wrap, get a 12 x 12 x 12 so you can the surround it with packing peanuts.

Unreliable sheaaitt! Can’t even get the basic to work?k

This review relates to the Lenovo TB-8304F1 tablet.

So I am an avid cyclist who also use an indoor trainer setup to do drill on a platform called Zwift. It’s like an MMORPG/Simulator for cyclists.

One of the capabilities within this platform is the use of a companion app to monitor key performance metrics and steps in an exercise plan.

There is a whole bunch bluetooth pairing going on and works over Wifi.

My experience with this device has been frustrating.

The device starts off working ok. Half way though a virtual ride, I’m sweating like a pig and suffering like I’m hell. I’m digging REAL deep to get through the next set of exercises. It’s tough.

Predictably and almost on cue, the tablet hangs the application. Restarting the app and/or OS temporarily fixes the issue.

Initially I suspected the Zwift companion App, but have confirmed successful run through with 2 different Mobile (android) devices.
It comes down to the Lenovo tablet.

I seriously doubt the brand overall if you can’t get something basic like connectivity and pairing right.
It’ not like either Bluetooth or Wifi are bleeding edge standards.

My advice, stay a far away from Lenovo 5h!t possible.

Smartphones … not …

I have a z play and it sucks. First the screen lifted, they would not repair it. I had to use a warranty I pay monthly for through my carrier to get a used replacement. Now this one has a crappy speaker and you can barely hear anyone on the phone. They suck. Go buy another phone brand, don’t waste your money.

There is nothing crappier than this

This is the worst thing I’ve ever had, I got it as my first phone and here were the results:

I couldn’t type a single letter and when I did the whole thing would delete.

It has such a small storage.

So many bugs.

Repetitive notifications.

I can’t click on anything.

And the charger doesn’t work.

Customer Support? We don’t offer no stinking customer support!

Lenovo / moto’s website, with respect to entering / logging in is:
pathetic; useless; lacking any logical instructional tips about ‘joining’ their ‘community’. No wonder others feel that their Cust. Service is poor; they’ve set up their system so that a customer can’t ‘get in’ to achieve ANY LEVEL of help or support.

Lenovo Fails and Fails Again

In 2016, I got a Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, a smart phone with Google Tango VR. It was huge and heavy. Well, at the time, I thought I could overlook the obvious shortcomings in design and enjoy the virtual reality. It came with some interesting VR stuff and it would let you measure things via its cameras with a certain degree of accuracy. I enjoy the large screen but the colors were kind of washed out.

Very soon, I noticed very obvious problems. It does not support 4G LTE on AT&T network. After a couple software updates, it started supporting 4G LTE but only in certain areas when I travel, but not at home. My house has a line of sight to a cell tower.

When playing music, OMG, it was horrible. No matter how expensive the headphones are, the music coming out of this thing is just pure lousy.

When in a voice call, even the volume is up all the way, the caller on the other end sounded like mosquitoes, tiny and low volume.

No problem. I was hoping future software updates will address most of the problems. Then, Lenovo dropped the ball. It stopped supporting this phone in less than 10 after it rolled out. That means, it will get stuck with Marshmallow and there will be no software updates to address any of the issues.

I know that companies always update their product line. However, in this case, Lenovo took people’s money and just left them out hanging. This experience with Lenovo is really like a highway robbery. And Lenovo really has a huge ethics problem abandoning its customers. Lenovo lacks vision, lacks strategy and clearly does not care about customer retention.

Burn in hell Lenovo

Moto force z2. Or some bullshit name like that. Is a $720. Piece of shit. I hope they are outta business very soon..very simple things on the phone do not work very good at all. Like the power button…u have to hold it forever for it to catch….wtf so frustrating….screenshot never worked….then all of a sudden they sent out a up date i guess then started working… Too many things with this phone that really suck. Burn in hell mfers. U suck…

Stinkpad is Crap

I bought two Lenovo stink pads and they are absolutely rubbish. When not connected to the internet they work fine. But as soon as you connect the data or to the wifi it freezes up so bad I feel like smashing it against the wall. I now no longer have to wonder why the deal was so good or cheap on the two tablets it is because They are crap. Any cheaper and they where almost given away free. My colleague has a lenovo idea pad model unknown witch I had to load a program on to. And it is also as slow as a snail. He then asked me why it is so slow witch I replied it is because it is a lenovo piece of crap. Upon reading loads of reviews on lenovo stinkpad/idea pad it seems to me I was not far of that it is just a general problem that lenovo is crap !!! I realy should learn to read reviews of a product before buying them

I’ve always hated Lenovo.

So recently i got a new Lenovo VIBE C, whole absolute shit. Put it to charge for about 5 hours, 20%. Tried using it, Performance: really slow, Battery loss: 5% per minute. YOU CAN’T WORK WITH LENOVO PRODUCTS!

Dont buy the Moto G6 Plus

The Moto G6 Plus (by Lenovo) is a waste of time.
Actually everything from Lenovo is a waste of time and money.
The camera quality (and speed) sucks. Really feels 10 years old. The camera bulge in the rear can only be described as WTF. Nothing in the phone is outstanding except the screen size. I’d rather be spied by a Huawei P10 but the user experience would be much better.

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