Levono Really Does Suck

Lenovo – Yoga 13 Pro
Screws fallout
Touchpad B Grade
Sound quality poor – speakers distort

Support so bad it took two months to resolve a Keyboard problem, in the end the device was refunded by Lenovo, I purchased a second Lenovo – Bad choice.

I have been in the IT field for over 25 years, 2nd Lenovo model in 24 months, simply put: it is B Grade.

Lenovo really does suck – just a poor example of IT equipment, not built for today’s world.

Lenovo Customer for the Last Time

Own a Lenovo Laptop, which was quite expensive.

Lots of small things about it were broken from the start but I didn’t bother sending it in for repair.

Finally power and battery gave in. Can’t turn it on anymore.

Lenovo claimed it was my fault, that I had dropped it or something. So I got it back, unrepaired.

Will buy a new one, but NOT a Lenovo this time! Never again!