Lenovo Fails and Fails Again

In 2016, I got a Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, a smart phone with Google Tango VR. It was huge and heavy. Well, at the time, I thought I could overlook the obvious shortcomings in design and enjoy the virtual reality. It came with some interesting VR stuff and it would let you measure things via its cameras with a certain degree of accuracy. I enjoy the large screen but the colors were kind of washed out.

Very soon, I noticed very obvious problems. It does not support 4G LTE on AT&T network. After a couple software updates, it started supporting 4G LTE but only in certain areas when I travel, but not at home. My house has a line of sight to a cell tower.

When playing music, OMG, it was horrible. No matter how expensive the headphones are, the music coming out of this thing is just pure lousy.

When in a voice call, even the volume is up all the way, the caller on the other end sounded like mosquitoes, tiny and low volume.

No problem. I was hoping future software updates will address most of the problems. Then, Lenovo dropped the ball. It stopped supporting this phone in less than 10 after it rolled out. That means, it will get stuck with Marshmallow and there will be no software updates to address any of the issues.

I know that companies always update their product line. However, in this case, Lenovo took people’s money and just left them out hanging. This experience with Lenovo is really like a highway robbery. And Lenovo really has a huge ethics problem abandoning its customers. Lenovo lacks vision, lacks strategy and clearly does not care about customer retention.

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