Not impresssed with Lenovo consumer line

I bought a IdealPad 110-15ISK laptop and spec wise it has a core i3 6100u 6Gb RAM and a 1TB hard drive.

It runs Windows 10 and my biggest complaint it that for the specs its just plain slow, and the laptop only has a very small single (mono) speaker on bottom edge of laptop.

The keyboard is probably the only positive feature I can say for this laptop. The screen looks like something on a $200 laptop, and the Elan TouchPad is dreadfully inaccurate.

I finally turned off features like pinch zoom on the touchpad because it was so annoying. I have seen better screen quality on a cheap Chromebook, and this laptops screen is so bad it basically ruins the ability to use it for very long it starts to strain your eyes.

I figured battery life had to be pretty good for a core i3 but I think the capacity of the battery is also too little to provide anymore then maybe 4 hours. I almost feel like Lenovo just sat down and figured every way possible to cut corners with this laptop.

I cannot ever remember having a laptop with only one speaker. I also can’t remember a laptop that has a fairly good hardware setup being so pathetically slow.

I feel as if I have a Celeron CPU and not a core i3. I am beginning to think that buying a $400 laptop these days is worse then buying a Chromebook.

If you want a decent laptop your going to have to double that $400 if you want at least some of the basics. Like good screen, decent sounding speakers, a precision touchpad and a fast hard drive, or SSD.

Lenovo customer service is less then helpful and generally give you fruitless tasks to do that will never solve any problems. Like they did with my speaker issue, it wasn’t a driver problem. It was the fact that the speaker is just one and of poor quality and located in a bad place. Might as well not installed a speaker.

My conclusion is that Lenovo thinks very little about design with their cheaper notebook line. Sure, their ThinkPad’s are some of the best notebooks. But steer clear of the consumer line.

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