Wonderful Little Machines that causes grey hairs

At Christmas 2018 I purchased myself a new laptop. The one I intended to purchase was out of stock, but I was given a ‘higher spec’ laptop for the same price (about $1200 AUD). That’s how I came to buy this little beauty, the Idea Pad 520-15ikb. Little did I know this bad boy would be the bane of my existence.

As COVID reared it’s cheeky little face, I worked remotely. With working remotely I got to practice zen and develop patience (especially regarding my craptop). Sometimes I would have deep philosophical with myself, chiefly debating why my computer took so long to do so little, especially when every non-essential program had been switched off. What I cherished more than anything was the noise the hard drive makes, even when my computer was completely idle. I would think “what are you thinking about big guy, you’re doing nothing’. I did some googling, and unbeknownst to me, Lenovo is a Chinese brand, and I always wondered whether the noice my computer was making was because of some malware, with the Chinese government tuning into my YouTube time.

Christmas 2021, I decided to spoil myself and buy myself the Acer Nitro 5, which cost me $1500 (heavily discounted). Needless to see this new computer makes this Lenovo feel like a car from the early 20th century. But, I have not parted ways with this wonderful computer. I’ve now handed it down to my wife who gets to ask me questions about why this computer is so slow. It’s always nice to share the pain to someone else.

Anyone wishing to buy a laptop like this, like Lenovo, I’d highly recommend spending the money on anything else, even if it has no intrinsic value.

The pros for this wonderful little machine is that the casing is made out of metal. The cons are everything else.

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