Regret is Life. Life is Regret

On 2nd March 2021 I made a huge lapse in judgement when I bought Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 laptop out of all the laptops I could have bought.

The first thing I noticed after opening my newly bought laptop was how slow it was loading programs. However I ignored that in my excitement after getting a new laptop.
Should have returned that piece o fb trash that very moment

Now people might say I am the one who must have something wrong for a new laptop should not show such problems but I can promise you that the only thing I work on on that piece of garbage is write on doc files or word file. GOD FORBID if I have to work on PowerPoint cuz that shit will lag like crazy and sometimes just straight up stop working.

I don’t play any games. I don’t watch any videos. I don’t download other apps. Heck I don’t even store any of my pictures on it. The only thing that is taking up space in my laptop is pdfs, word files and other documents.

After seeing so much problem I did get to the customer service within my warranty time to address its lagging issue and I got told that the best thing I can do is install SSD.
Mind you it has been like 3 or 4 months since I have bought this trash and my laptop is essentially in its new condition so forgive me if I don’t want to spend more money than I already have buying it just some MONTHS prior. (It’s storage space was a huge contributor behind my purchase)

As a student struggling to pay university fees I used up all my saved money to buy a brand new laptop so I don’t have to regret. I heard Lenovo was the best affordable option out there for students thus I bought this. Now I have no choice but to work with this piece of garbage. It’s so painful. As a humanities student I don’t have a lot of work where I use laptop. I even deleted pdfs and other documents from this shit just so it could get a little faster.
If anyone have any suggestions what can I do about my situation please help me out. I am not that tech savvy to work out a solution

For semantics reference my laptop is often referred here as “garbage”, “piece of trash”, “shit” etc. I hope nobody gets confused

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