Please buy something else

I hate the Lenovo IdeaPad 320 with a passion. I’ve managed to squeak a year’s use out of it, but only by using it perhaps two hours a week. Within a month of purchase, the damn thing starts taking HALF AN HOUR to boot, both from sleep mode and directly turning it on.
Another thing is all the background processes. I feel like this laptop would work so much better if it was stripped down to the most basic OS? My RAM and CPU always hit 100% before I even open anything! Cortana, McAfee, so many programs that take up all my running power!
At this point, I’m lucky if an Excel document opens within twenty minutes. Need to do something quickly, perhaps for business purposes? Good luck. Takes fifteen minutes for chrome to load (which is the fastest of all the browsers this laptop can run, I’ve found), then another ten before you can type into the address bar, and hopefully the person waiting on you to get something done has a doctor’s appointment, an open house, and three interviews before needing your work.
I got this to be a working laptop, and I can barely open a word document and type two sentences before the laptop forces me to update (I have turned off all uldates, but every two weeks I get those lovely “support for your Windows version has been discontinued, update now or be locked out of basically everything” messages.
I really tried to like this laptop, honestly. But it’s impossible. I’ve stripped all the background processes that it will let me, and I’m using the most light-weight software I can, but it runs worse than my six-year old Acer mini, which ran Skyrim like it was nothing.
Oh, and those updates? Make sure you don’t need to use the computer for at LEAST four hours. As I’m writing this, my progress bar for the updates FINALLY hit 86%. It’s 5 o’clock, I started the update at 1:30.
Please, save yourself the trouble, and get something else.

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