Ideapad 110 WARNING

“LENOVO TM ideapad TM 110” I bought this laptop brand new and it has been the most unreliable computer I have ever used. I was looking to get a new laptop after having had my last one for 5 years and it still worked but it was on its last legs. I bought this laptop as a cheaper option as my budget was very tight at the time and it has been the biggest mistake. I used it for about a month before it started to go downhill. List of issues: 10 minute startup, issues multitasking, apps freezing, videos stopping, overcrowded icons including a dinosaur on my taskbar that I couldn’t get rid of as hard as I tried, not only did I run through a bunch of troubleshooting, diagnostic checks and deleting everything off the device. It died the day I went to force close the word file for an important assessment and Task manager itself refused to respond. 0/10 Don’t waste your money.

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