Brick out of the box

I purchased a yoga c-940 with an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.30GHz 1.50 GHz and 16 gigs of ram. It was not cheap. I bought it specifically for drawing because–get this–that’s how they advertised it. After receiving the machine I learned that, no matter what program or “compatible” writing utensil I use, it is impossible to make a straight line. I now know–no thanks to Lenovo, this is because they shipped their Yoga series with varying levels of quality in the screen digitizers. So, the chances that your Yoga will have full resolution for the pen across the entire surface is basically zero.

I spoke with several Lenovo reps, but ultimately ended the conversation after they asked me to pay money to continue our conversation. My favorite one said

“Lenovo only offers support for lenovo software. So, if you use any drawing program that wasn’t created by Lenovo, then we are not responsible for it.”

When I asked him where I could download the Lenovo drawing application, he said:
“Please, stop attacking me. I’m going to end this call.”

And he immediately cut the line.

Since this issue, I’ve just been trying to use the laptop as a really powerful internet machine, but it has started doing this screen flickering thing on start up. Seems to be tied to the vertical access of the mouse pad. Seriously have never spent so much money on something that is, more or less, a brick.

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