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Aesthetics aren’t everything

This is my second Lenovo product. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson from the first. Aesthetically, this all-in-one PC is is beautiful. Operationally, it is not. I’ve had issues with it since day one. I have internet hardwired to it and it has always been super slow. I use it mainly as a media computer. I rarely, if ever, surf the net on it. The only time i use the internet is to get album artwork or to download certain programs. Everything is a snail’s pace with this thing. Next PC will NOT be a Lenovo product. I miss my VAIO from Sony. That was an excellent PC.

Legion Pro $1,600

LFMAO I typed in “why does lenovo suck” on google and here I found u wonderful folks. Basically I just spent $1,600 on a Legion Pro upgraded ram and SSD…..it blows. Well running machine but not a well working machine. It feels like a scrambled mess and to top that Microsoft apparently does not support my built in webcam? sheesh. Never again but I’m going to use this laptop until the bitter end LMAO

What the hell is wrong with Lenovo products

I wanted to warn people about purchasing a lenovo computer. It seems whoever set up the settings did write the coding correctly to function with google chrome. i am unable to turn off notifications when I get emails. I have tried turning them off in Chrome and M.S. and even drilled down to the applications specific settings and turned off notifications and yet it still sends an annoying notification sound and nobody at Lenovo, chrome, m.s., Gmail seems to know what to do about it and points the finger at each without offering any type of solution or guidance. This happens when Chrome is open and even if i minimize the volume, it still belts out the annoying notification sound. I will give you my suggestion for free. Stay clear of Lenovo products period. There, I saved you at least $1,000.00 and a bottle of aspirin.

Wonderful Little Machines that causes grey hairs

At Christmas 2018 I purchased myself a new laptop. The one I intended to purchase was out of stock, but I was given a ‘higher spec’ laptop for the same price (about $1200 AUD). That’s how I came to buy this little beauty, the Idea Pad 520-15ikb. Little did I know this bad boy would be the bane of my existence.

As COVID reared it’s cheeky little face, I worked remotely. With working remotely I got to practice zen and develop patience (especially regarding my craptop). Sometimes I would have deep philosophical with myself, chiefly debating why my computer took so long to do so little, especially when every non-essential program had been switched off. What I cherished more than anything was the noise the hard drive makes, even when my computer was completely idle. I would think “what are you thinking about big guy, you’re doing nothing’. I did some googling, and unbeknownst to me, Lenovo is a Chinese brand, and I always wondered whether the noice my computer was making was because of some malware, with the Chinese government tuning into my YouTube time.

Christmas 2021, I decided to spoil myself and buy myself the Acer Nitro 5, which cost me $1500 (heavily discounted). Needless to see this new computer makes this Lenovo feel like a car from the early 20th century. But, I have not parted ways with this wonderful computer. I’ve now handed it down to my wife who gets to ask me questions about why this computer is so slow. It’s always nice to share the pain to someone else.

Anyone wishing to buy a laptop like this, like Lenovo, I’d highly recommend spending the money on anything else, even if it has no intrinsic value.

The pros for this wonderful little machine is that the casing is made out of metal. The cons are everything else.

I’d rather use my ancient, 10yrold laptop

I received a Lenovo Yoga C940 and it’s a complete piece of sh*t!
The battery has always drained in less than a day with me doing very little on my device to cause it to do so.
It overheats like a motherfucker, I’ve NEVER had a device get so hot, I’m talking left-your-cellphone-in-the-car-on-a-summer-day HOT, and again, from NORMAL use! I’m not a gamer! My computer never gets cold even when shut! I’m contemplating storing it in the refrigerator.
The friggin mouse clicks wherever it wants as I type, which means I have to constantly stare at my screen to make sure it hasn’t clicked off of where I am trying to type. Of course lenovo is going to try to blame operator error on all of these complaints, but we all know Lenovo is a piece of shit
The stylus is damn near worthless, limited functionality.
For adobe users, DEFINITELY DO NOT get this laptop, it is GARBAGE when trying to use programs like Photoshop! I literally have to restart photoshop every 10 minutes for a glitch that occurs.
Though I’ve owned this computer for about 6 months, I’ve had these complaints since owning it for SIX DAYS! FOR FUCKS SAKE I HATE THIS LAPTOP

Tired of failing Thinkpads

I purchased a Thinkpad with a touchscreen and Dolby Atmos speakers. I specifically asked for the upgraded graphics card, resulting in needing a 170 watt power cord. It took a month before my order showed up.
Within 9 months, the power port blew out after having killed three power cables. They kept my laptop for a month to repair. It came back without the graphics card, the dolby atmos speakers are gone, and the touchscreen doesn’t work.. Really???
While I was waiting, I had to buy another one (I am a bookkeeper) and now, after nine months, the power port on this 65 watt power one has failed too.
I read one of the posts saying this thing just eats money. So true.

Lenovo Yoga Screen is Defective

Bought Lenovo Yoga in 2019. Literally 2 weeks after the 1-year warranty was up, the screen had a meltdown. A blurry rainbow started racing up and down. Impossible to see what was on the background. Impossible to use laptop. Can fix it temporarily by shutting down, closing up, turning laptop upside down and smacking it on a soft surface a few times. Very convenient! Sometimes it blows out 4 or 5 times in a day. I am buying a new laptop — NOT a Lenovo.

Lenovo Junk

I purchased the Ideapad L340 at Office Depot after my old Toshiba windows 8.1 hard drive went poot (this was during the covid shutdown when nothing was available) and needed something stat. Wait time for the recovery disk, and both Office and Best Buy were sold out of HPs, which I’d wanted.

Numerous problems from the get-go. Sluggish performance that took eons to poorly troubleshoot, because of its junk system, and the sh*t Tech support. No option to turn off touchpad for mouse. Updates that were temporary at best, and further slowed me down: Office wouldn’t function right, and Outlook kept opening on its own….etc etc

Lenovo is plain junk. I’ve known schools that have better Ideapads than this garbage. Thank goodness I kept my old Toshiba and got the reboot disk!



Lenovo is a bad company for buying laptops. I have a Lenovo laptop and in three words ‘It Is Bad’. I got this laptop as a gift and I truly hate it. The battery life is absolutely terrible. You will get an hour of battery life for at least 1 and a half hour charge. This is new, so I don’t know why it is not working. And what makes it even worse, when I am using it it heats up so much. I am using this on my lap and its making me sweat. It heats up even more when it is on charge. I think this is a £600 laptop and I wouldn’t pay more than a £100 for it. Lenovo please fix your products.
Thank you and have a great day.

Selling computers with faulty hardware

I bought a Lenovo Legion gaming computer from Costco. The wireless card that is shipped with this computer and tons of other Lenovo computers (Realtek 8822BE) is absolute GARBAGE. It absolutely does not maintain a consistent connection to any wireless network.

I have been round and round with tech support, and they refuse to acknowledge it’s a hardware issue despite thousands of complaints online. I will never buy another Lenovo product.

Worst Laptop EVER

A supposed friend recommended this piece of crap Lenovo Ideapad 330. WORTHLESS right out of the box! SLOW? It’s glacial! PLUS the Lenovo website wants you to PAY for their troubleshooting advice! 🤬💩🤦‍♀️

Work at Sloth speed

Scrapped my 7 year old HP we got cheap through school because it was so slow. Bought a Lenovo ideapad 320s, and it is even slower than my old one, freeze often and is generally too shit to run any task harder than reading newspapers on.

Yoga 720 and GeekSquad

First, I loved the Lenovo Yoga 720. The 730 had just came out, so I figured I was getting a deal with the previous version.
5 months… No problems. Occasionally the screen wouldn’t respond and I’d have to reset it. No biggey. Everyone in my house loved it.
Then, the touchscreen went out for good. The wacom pen would work, but it wouldn’t recognize actual touch. Considering I need to pinch and zoom with my fingers for any digital art program I use, this was a big deal. I looked up the issue. Every forum, even Lenovo’s own forum, had someone mentioning this issue. Everybody, except one, ended it with “I’ll update this when I get a resolution” and then nothing… No update. The only one I found with a resolution had their screen replaced.
Sounds simple, right?
Called tech support. They claimed they “never heard of this.” As a former tech support guy and regular googler, I was kind of baffled as to why or how. A single google search would’ve shown the issue… But whatever… Maybe this tech support is new… Or something.
They talk me into formatting my harddrive. This is what we, tech support, were told to tell people when we had no idea how to fix something without saying, “I have no idea what’s wrong or how to fix your device.” The screen went out, yet it must be a software issue? Yea.. Sure. Apparently, they are taught the same as I was.
Called back a few days later when it was done and I had time.
The guy offered 2 options. Send it in or take it to GeekSquad. 10 years ago, GeekSquad erased 2 years of music, all my pics, etc. when I took it in for virus that was in my registry. I was unable to edit it. I told them the exact 2 lines they needed to get rid of… Instead they formatted my sh*t. Well, that didn’t change my registry… It just erased 2 years of work and memories. Everytime I got on the internet, that virus would start replicating and infecting. The only way to stop it was don’t get on the internet… Which I needed. After explaining this, the supervisor at GeekSquad said,”Well don’t get on the internet.” He refused a refund and refused to do it right without charging me more money. So yea… F*ck GeekSquad.
I explained my beef the GS to the tech support and said I will gladly send it in over dealing with GS ever again. We laughed. Everything will be good in a few weeks, right?
After 10 days of no email or follow-up, the online site I was given didn’t recognize the ticket number I was given. “No product or service found.” Wtf? Is lenovo bout to jack a ninja?!? I received no email stating they had received and/or checked in my device. I called them up. The guy wasn’t able to find it. He puts me in hold.
He comes back on the line after 10 minutes or so.
“Sir, I found your device. They did receive it. They repaired it and are doing a ‘reliability check.’ Once that’s done, they will send it back. You WILL receive it by Friday.”
Oh snap… Cool. He kept emphasizing when I would receive. I just wanted it fixed. Saturday, Sunday, Monday would’ve been fine, but dude was deadset on Friday. Alright, man.
My wife gets it while I’m at work. Calls me with questions installing windows.
“Is the touchscreen suppose to work right away?”
“Uhhhh… Yes. It’s a touchscreen.”
“No. We have to install windows first.”
“Yes, honey. It works right away.”
“Well, it’s not working. We need to install windows first.”
I get home later that day.
Wifey, “Ok… Before you get mad. You have an appointment with GeekSquad in the morning.” It wasn’t working. I grabbed the report they sent with my laptop. “Installed new hhd -Team 7 GeekSquad of Memphis, TN”
“Reliability Check- (insert giant blank here)”
“Installed a new hdd? I have a 1 TB ssd and it was the mfing screen that was broke?!?!?!?!?! And f*cking GeekSquad?!?!?? They can’t do sh*t right!!!”
I show up to GeekSquad. I explain the issue to a wizard with dredlocks. I remembered exactly the company I was dealing with when he said,”Probably just a driver issue. Sign this and I’ll give you a call after I check it out.”
The piece of paper said “Crystal Collins” with what I’m assuming is Crystal’s address.
“Great… But who is Crystal.”
Of course, GerkSquad has someone else’s info. And of f*cking course they can’t change it. So I made the guy write and sign the back of the paperwork.
I get a call the next morning…
“May I speak with Crystal Collins?”
“No, you can’t, man.” and I explain the situation.
Well he called to tell Crystal that they had to mail it in to get repaired… To the same damn place that Michael mfing Lee just mailed it to… But this time, it’ll be different… It’ll be overnighted! Woo-f*cking-hoo. Fix it!!!!
I told him to mail it in. He explains that I had to call the 800# to get my phone number changed to my name. I’ll be damned if they send my $1250 laptop to Crystal. So I call the 800#… I get about halfway through and the guy says,”Sir… I just spoke to you. You called the Best Buy GeekSquad.”
“No I didn’t.”
“Uhhh… Yes, you did.”
Called again. Called again. Called again. 4 more damn times, their 800# rerouted me back to the dredlocked wizard.
He assured me the account was “noted.” Sure…. Whatever. I hate GS and the guy had no magic skills to fix my Yoga 720.
I got email updates this time. I received my laptop within a week… Working! The reliability check was actually filled in, however, this team was unwilling to sugn their name to it. They made a small dent while replacing the screen… But whatevs… It worked flawlessly… For a month.
Now it has a black line… On old monitors, it was known as the black lime of death. It’s a line of dead pixels. Eventually it grows to cover the screen.
I called back. Explained the situation. Etc. The guy started with an actual tech support. “Do you see the black line on the start-up screen?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Well, that’s a hardware issue. You’re gonna need to send it in…”
No…. I want my money back.
“Ok. I will escalate this for a replacement.”
“No, I want my money back. Y’all are going to send me a refurbished device and I know y’alls workmanship. I want my money back!!!”
Currently waiting to hear back from a supervisor.
My HP Beats laptop works better. Not a single issue other than it is slow.

Lenvovo is a full on trashbag

Wow, just wow. I got this Lenovo and it wont stay connected to internet for more than 5 minutes, then it disconnects for about 5 seconds, then it works again. Was just typing something into the little type here to search bar, and it freezes, and no matter how many times i redo it, it keeps frozen. FucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovoFucklenovo


Nödvändiga filer kan inte uppdateras på min Lenovo bärbar dator. Det finns garantin kvar 1 år men elgiganten hjälper mig inte. De säger att garantin täcker inte mjukvaran. Nu vill jag att någon hjälper mig. Jag har förlorat hundratal bilder, viktiga bilder och filer, allt jobb jag har lagt ned på denna dåliga dator och appar som jag köpte.
För att jag hade ingen annan alternativ än att bara nollställa hela datorn. Nu min är fråga: Vad ska jag göra med en sådan dålig dator som ni tillverkade? Snälla sluta tillverka något när ni är dåliga på det.

$1300 ThinkPad Stops Charging after 5 Weeks – No Replacement

$1300 Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 Carbon Gen 9 – ordered on 6/8/2023. On 8/9/2023, it stops holding more than a 7% charge. Looked up troubleshooting, drained the battery, tried again – nope, only 7%. Called C/S – while on the phone with them trying to run an update, it completely ran out of juice and died. Because this happened one week past the replacement warranty period, I’m not eligible for a replacement , only service. I won’t have service for more than a week. So, I’m out $1300, have no computer and have wasted time I should be working to try to sort it all out with Lenovo. They obviously know the lifespan of their substandard product because they only provide a warranty up until the week before the thing becomes a laptop shaped dust catcher.

ThinkPad SUCKS for Music Production

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad and I spent $$THOUSANDS$$ on this POS laptop!!!
I got it and it works EXCEPT for what I want it to do which is MUSIC PRODUCTION!!!
The Audio port is a joke. The only way I can record anything is with the crap microphone. I have a mixer that I have an aux cable for and I bought a USB cable for it as well so that I had “options” – AND NEITHER WORKED!
It’s like this laptop was DESIGNED to be sh!t for music production!!!
I also purchased an Arturia Synth to see if at least that would work with this crap laptop but NOPE! Not even a simple synthesizer works with this POS.
And then they want me to spend another $90 to even be able to talk to a technician – which I am going to do just to B!TCH THEM OUT!
after my vacation…
To be continued…

Lenovo non-existent Warranty (even with Premium Care)

I have dozens of IBM, Thinkpad, and then Lenovo computers. But my last laptop ‘warranty’ experience is just stunningly bad. ZERO warranty, zero effort, and outright fraudy practices… and they’ve basically told me that my options are to 1) take it to Staples and pay for my repair 100% out of pocket, or 2) throw it in the garbage and purchase a new one.

AND (here’s the best kicker) I purchased the extended ‘Premium Care’ onsite warranty. So, I paid for 2 year extended warranty, 2nd year battery warranty, and 2 years on-site ‘Premium Care’ on-site warranty. AND, the laptop broke at the 50 week mark (inside the 1st year).

The issue is that it won’t run unless it’s plugged in. No, the battery tests OK (it isn’t a battery issue exactly.. the battery never got damaged or weak over time… it ran for hours and hours one day, and then the very next day the laptop won’t run for 1 second without being plugged in… it’s like the battery isn’t connected — except that the diagnostic screen show the battery connected 100% fine, with only 91 cycles). So, the battery connectors are physically broken somewhere somehow.. but regardless, Lenovo refuses to honor the warranty in any way.

AND the real kicker is that they sell ‘Premium Care onsite warranty’ to people but there ARE NO ONSITE TECHNICIANS.. when I pressed them, they have finally admitted that there is NO ADDRESS IN MANITOBA, SASKATCHEWAN, ALBERTA, or BC which has any onsite OR Depot warranty I can even drive it too. No service, nowhere.. yet they happily continue to sell onsite ‘premium care’ warranties. And when I tell them that seems like that should be illegal to sell on-site warranties where there is no on-site OR even depots, they say “oh, but we have a disclaimer” that ‘there may still be certain geographical limitations such as islands and remote regions… …which prevent the provision of Service’. What a crock — that’s got to be illegal.

And — they keep closing my Warranty / Repair tickets with ‘Resolved’ which is NOT resolved. My 17″ Laptop was purchased in Mar 2022 and it broke in Feb 2023 (still about 3 weeks inside the 1st year) _AND_ as I said, I had purchased the 2nd year warranty, 2nd year battery warranty, and 2 year On-site warranty… but none of that is provided. They are happy to take our extended warranty money, but have no personnel and no depots anywhere that I can even drive it too. I mean, that’s just GOT to be illegal to do that, right?

So — here I am with a dead laptop, inside warranty, and their options are:
1) Take it to Staples and pay out of pocket for whatever repair.
2) Purchase another Lenovo Full Price retail and throw my old one away

So — I’ll be purchasing another laptop I guess, but never another Lenovo ever again.

And yes, I know pissed off people say “I’m going to call my lawyer” when they are mad, but this REALLY seems like it’s not just wrong, it really seems like it’s got to be illegal. Seems like an out-and-out fraud… so I think I have to follow this up with Lawyer and/or RCMP fraud folks. (gosh, that makes me sound like a ‘Ken’)

Lenovo is like so bad for the price


I used to own a dell but it was getting old and wasn’t suitable for school so I my father gave me a Lenovo ThinkPad T480. At first it was good but then, the battery release lever fell out so I needed a screwdriver to release the external battery. Also, the build quality of the chassis is so bad. And then a few months later the battery started swelling which I did not know and now in the present, I opened the laptop and guess what, my battery was pregnant with triplets. Just get a dell, it will outlive you. And it also costed ₹50,000 ($605) and for that price, you can just buy a better dell.


I bought a Lenovo Yoga 920-12KB in 2017, sleak looking as hell. Specs up the wazoo, cost me 2k… after exactly 2 years the motherboard just died. I have 2 months left on my extended waranty so Lenovo Customer Service system solution was to extend the warranty another year. Which I did & they repaired it, changed the mother board. After 14 months the exact same problem happened, I still have it as a reminder that I will never buy Lenovo again. They are pieces of crap.
My mother bought a all in one desktop Lenovo touchscreen as well, touch screem worked about 2 weeks.
I bought a Lenovo Alarm Smart Clock, after 1 year, the digits are burnt out so the 3 can be a 8 or a 9 whose to say.
Lenovo sucks, never again.

Regret is Life. Life is Regret

On 2nd March 2021 I made a huge lapse in judgement when I bought Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 laptop out of all the laptops I could have bought.

The first thing I noticed after opening my newly bought laptop was how slow it was loading programs. However I ignored that in my excitement after getting a new laptop.
Should have returned that piece o fb trash that very moment

Now people might say I am the one who must have something wrong for a new laptop should not show such problems but I can promise you that the only thing I work on on that piece of garbage is write on doc files or word file. GOD FORBID if I have to work on PowerPoint cuz that shit will lag like crazy and sometimes just straight up stop working.

I don’t play any games. I don’t watch any videos. I don’t download other apps. Heck I don’t even store any of my pictures on it. The only thing that is taking up space in my laptop is pdfs, word files and other documents.

After seeing so much problem I did get to the customer service within my warranty time to address its lagging issue and I got told that the best thing I can do is install SSD.
Mind you it has been like 3 or 4 months since I have bought this trash and my laptop is essentially in its new condition so forgive me if I don’t want to spend more money than I already have buying it just some MONTHS prior. (It’s storage space was a huge contributor behind my purchase)

As a student struggling to pay university fees I used up all my saved money to buy a brand new laptop so I don’t have to regret. I heard Lenovo was the best affordable option out there for students thus I bought this. Now I have no choice but to work with this piece of garbage. It’s so painful. As a humanities student I don’t have a lot of work where I use laptop. I even deleted pdfs and other documents from this shit just so it could get a little faster.
If anyone have any suggestions what can I do about my situation please help me out. I am not that tech savvy to work out a solution

For semantics reference my laptop is often referred here as “garbage”, “piece of trash”, “shit” etc. I hope nobody gets confused

Lenovo sucks.

I got a computer from then and ever since it was purchased it has run as well as a dog with no legs. It can barely run a browser and it chooses if it wants to work. I tried to factory reset it and it just stopped working. Don’t buy from Lenovo if you expect a working product.

LeNOvo (the no mo)


1000 dollar laptop came with corrupt SSD. After two weeks went into a startup loop. Never heard back from Lenovo and thet had the nerve to resolve my tickets. Fixed it myself after great effort and installing a new SSD which the system didn’t recognize (probably partially Windows 11). I had to manually load drivers. Got it running and felt like a king. Changed BIOS to enable fast start and security options. It’s now a black screen brick. Trust me I’ve done every I could to recover it from this state without taking it to a computer wizard. Oh, and also the left shift key broke and I don’t even know how. Very cheap. Have you seen the inside of these things? I’m afraid to sever a wire with my fingernail. Lenovo doesn’t love you. Lenovo doesn’t care. It’s time to break up with Lenovo.

Ideapad 110 WARNING

“LENOVO TM ideapad TM 110” I bought this laptop brand new and it has been the most unreliable computer I have ever used. I was looking to get a new laptop after having had my last one for 5 years and it still worked but it was on its last legs. I bought this laptop as a cheaper option as my budget was very tight at the time and it has been the biggest mistake. I used it for about a month before it started to go downhill. List of issues: 10 minute startup, issues multitasking, apps freezing, videos stopping, overcrowded icons including a dinosaur on my taskbar that I couldn’t get rid of as hard as I tried, not only did I run through a bunch of troubleshooting, diagnostic checks and deleting everything off the device. It died the day I went to force close the word file for an important assessment and Task manager itself refused to respond. 0/10 Don’t waste your money.

lenovo tablet=trash

i bought a lenovo tablet. after installing like 2 games its already laggy. too infrequent updates. randomly uninstalling apps. google play warns about the preinstalled camera app being dangerous. how on the earth? the only thing lenovo is really good in is making computer mouses lol.

Stamin pil of uslss sit!

As I write this review I have to use the On Screen Keypad via the mouse because the following keys no longer function.


before edit the above is:

As I writ tis rviw I av to us t On Scrn Kypad via t mous bcaus t followin kys no lonr function.

Imagine trying to work with this. It first failed 1 week after the warranty expired and I was given less than zero assistance. I was not even able to attempt testing for driver issues because the website ‘driver downloader’ crashed each time I used it and they refused to assist with that.

Legion Y520 is a stamin pil of uslss sit.

translat for yourslf.

Cha bu duo

I’ve used a number of Lenovo products… every one of them has been total garbage. “Made in China” is a big red flag… indictive of poor quality and security risks. But Lenovo is the epitome of this. Why so governments and businesses sacrifice endless problems and cyber threats for the lowest bid seems short sighted. The horrible keyboard design with the badly placed PrtSc key is annoying but the crap keyboard just stopping randomly is cause for endless frustration. I suppose the built in keyloggers the CCP install are the problem. No battery life after a few months, overheating, fragile design… it’s really hard to find one positive quality Lenovo laptops offer except for corporate discounts. With no redeemable qualities, don’t by this CCP garbage and encourage your employer to avoid them.

Shittiest laptop i every bought

lenovo sucks
i have a lenovo ideapad 3 15ARH05
its freezing randomly cant find out whats wrong.
replaced the original ssd which was extremely slow (33mb/s writing speed) still the same.. Tests are passed somehow but it keeps freezing every 30mins to 1 hour.
The device is cool enough (cpu is around 48-60 c and GPU 42-50)
Tried pretty much everything…

LENOVO; The Sewing Machine of PCs

I hate this piece of junk! I could never get the sound to work with out an external amplifier. I spent hours on the phone with Lenovo support. Their recommendation was fault was the OS software. So I ask Microsoft for assistance which resulted in new operating system and yet the problem remain. I am actual finish with PCs thank to Lenovo. Through with PCs and bug ridden Windows, they’re really the past.

Pure garbage and a waste of money!

I’ve had plenty of Chromebooks in my life, and this is the first (and last) time I will ever purchase a Lenovo product. Right out of the box, it was giving me the dreaded “Aw, Snap!” error constantly. I only had ONE TAB OPEN, and it would go to the error message within seconds of being on any website or in my email. It’s totally useless, and it’s going back ASAP! Also, their tech support, as well as sales were horrible. They sound like they’re half asleep and don’t want to work. It’s been an all-around abysmal experience. If you want a quality product that will actually function, STAY AWAY FROM LENOVO!

Lenovo is a total scam

I bought a brand new laptop. Right after installing windows, the screen was flickering, the touchscreen was on and off,
then it froze completely and the system needed a restart. After restarting, a whole bunch of other BIOS problems started to occur, the “blue screen of death” type of errors. Very nasty experience to go through with a “new” machine. The issues weren’t resolved by updating drivers, or any other attempt to salvage this piece of crap metal.
The store refused to take it back and sent me to lenovo support, which took hours to get through, and all they could offer was to send it to one of their repair centers so they can have a look at it. They refused to refund, even though it wasn’t even two days since I bought this crap.
Disgusting attitude. The screen hinges are creaky as hell, so if that lid breaks, lenovo warranty doesn’t cover any damage to the screen. Apparently that’s a common issue with their laptops. This is a total scam.

Lenovo tablet rubbish

After x2 tablet purchases from Lenovo enough is enough. After a certain time period with both tablets they start have issues with charging and unable to update. Definitely set time periods both identical issues and obviously very common when looked into others experiences. Steer well clear very poor product.

Tablet M7 Shipped by Lenovo Bangkok as defective and told it’s your problem

From Lenovo after weeks of fighting with them.:
Thank you for contacting Lenovo Technical Support.
Dear customer , we try our best to help you solve the issue as your warranty cover under Carry-in type . We recommended several servicing centers in Thailand, but we were unable to satisfy you. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

My reply:
I would be happy to ship it to Had Yai for Warranty.

Please give me the email contact of someone in Hat Yai that can actually help.

You told me to contact Vserve support in Bangkok and we did.
They told us they have nothing to do with this and to contact you.
When we explained that you will not help, they said we could email them at request2repair@vserveplus.co.th but no one ever replied to that inquiry.

My wife is sick today and can’t call Had Yai by phone. If you don’t give me a email contact today we will try to call them Wed/Thur if she is better.
It would be nice if you could call Hat Yai explain the problem and ask them to contact me so I can ship to Tablet to them for repair but I can see you feel this is 100% my problem and nothing to do with Lenovo. My guess is because Had Yai won’t allow me to ship it to them and you know it, but it sounds better if they tell me no instead of you.

I am really confused why an international company as large as Lenovo is so unconcerned about their customers and unwilling to help them. You should be calling Hat Yai, not me.

You knew that Phuket does not have a Lenovo Service Center but you still:
1. You took my order
2. You took my money
3. You shipped the product to Phuket
4. You have said there is 11 month remaining on the warranty

Now that I have a problem you say: Sorry, we don’t have a service center in Phuket and we are not responsible for anything.
In fact, your very first reply said “we regret to close your case from on-site service support because your warranty cover under carry-in.”
Unbelievable that Lenovo will actually say to a customer that your warranty is void because we don’t have a service center near you. Case Closed!

Why is it my responsible to solve this problem and contact service centers that have no intention of helping me?

And why does it say to contact the CAP Manager “In the rare event that the technical support team cannot resolve your concerns.”
I haven’t received any replies from them offering to solve this?
Somebody at Lenovo must care, how do I contact them?

Lenovo prove to be junk


I have had this NEW piece of crap Lenovo computer for a year now and still have not been able to use it… Evertime i have gone to use it something is wrong… the screen jumps around …it freezes …it has been sent back to the factory … and now i have to take it back again because it freezes AND jumps around NOW
… i have an old asus i thought i needed to replace…. STILL USING THAT OLD COMPUTER

Lenovo Flex 5 hinges fail after less than 1000 openings!

I purchased a Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 laptop, the hinges failed unilaterally (right hinge) 3 months and 5 days after the warranty was up. This laptop was used in my business, the hinges were opened and closed once per day at my desk. Laptop was never removed from office and never abused. Near as I can calculate that means the hinge mechanism failed after 922 cycles, give or take 50 cycles. There is a class action suit regarding this failure. IBM products and Lenovo SUCK!

Lenovo warranty service is nonexistent

Lenovo staff has no idea what they’re doing. I bought every extended warranty Lenovo offered on my Laptop. 3 different warranties. My laptop broke, it is covered, but they won’t fix it just because they keep losing my ticket. Every time I call them, some other person tries something new to fix my problem, but they can’t figure it out at all. So far, no one has even looked at my laptop and they refuse to let me speak to a manager. Don’t buy any kind of warranty from them, they don’t actually fix computers.

Bad Experiance with Lenovo

I purchased a Lenovo V14 from Micro Center in July 2021. I performed a BIOS/Firmware update yesterday (7/13/2022), and after the update completed, the laptop restarted. But never came back on. The power light comes on, but the laptop does not POST/Boot up. I called Lenovo Support and they advised that my warranty expired on 3/1/2022, because they go by the date that Micro Center purchased the equipment, and not by the date that I purchased it from Micro Center. I then purchased an extended warranty last night, but didn’t know until today that the warranty was backdated to 3/1/2022 instead of today 7/14/2022. So I lost out of 4 months of warranty, and then I was advised that the warranty would take 30 days before it became effective, so that is another month lost. That is 5 months down the drain and my laptop still can’t be fixed. I would never buy another Lenovo product again, and anyone else that does, just keep all that I have said here in mind.

Lenovo should go bankrupt

Like a year ago I purchased a Lenovo ideapad 3 15.6” because I saw that the specifications were really good for the price. Little did I know that buying from Lenovo was one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my life. I have has screen issues, Wi-Fi issues, fingerprint sensor randomly stop working and a couple of smaller things not worth mentioning. I was still under warranty when I contacted them and they wanted $120 for a screen and fingerprint sensor when the warranty clearly states that all repairs are covers with only a small service fee of like 10-40 bucks.

Lenovo is a pile of sh*t and should go bankrupt.

Lenovo ThinkBook 2022 sucks

THe keyboard just sucks; when I press CApsLOck and then a letter and then fast again CApsLOck and then a second letter, both letters are capsed (hardware lag/delay probably);

ALso, there is no space between normal keyboard and the useless part of the keyboard (the one with numlock and numbers I never use), so when I’m trying to press Delete / Backspace without looking, most of the time I end up pressing PLay button / NUm lock.

Lenovo ThinkPad 2021 sucks

Lenovo thinkpad 2021:
– can’t put it on sleep (I checked everything possible in widows settings); when I was trying to put it on sleep mode, it just go blank like in sleep, but in reality it’s a fake sleep, because I can hear the cooler time to time and I can see that the laptop is connected to my wi-fi…
– the cooler sings. yes, it’s sounds terrible;
– the fn and ctrl buttons are switched; I fixed this from bios but still sucks to see the fn in the corner of my keyboard…
– the arrow keys are too small and I keep missing them.

Lenovo is dishonest


Lenovo doe not want to honor the 1 year warranty. The shell that holds the hinge broke after 8 month. They want to bill me to repair say it is user damage. Don’t buy Lenovo.

Planned obsolence with Lenovo batteries?

In 2016 I bought used ThinkPad X220 with iCore 5-2540M, 4 GB ram, Intel HD 3000, 320 GB HDD. It worked great for 5 years.
This year I wanted to buy IdeaPad but heard about problems with dying batteries (especially after battery reset). Around the same time mine X220 started to have problems with battery also. I used a replacement from Greencell and until then it worked fine. Then it started to drain rapidly and turn off without a warning about low battery level.
I found answers online that Lenovo makes something that batteries die fast. I decided to test this idea. I upgraded Lenovo System Bridge and after the restart there was black screen with warning that I am using non-original battery and it may charge poorly or not charge at all. And exactly that happened. I uninstalled Lenovo System Bridge and it helped for some time but lately battery ceased to charge completely. It is not so old, just one year and I have 3 laptops so X220 was not used 24/7. Coincidence or not? I do not know but I will not buy another Lenovo.

Why never choose lenovo

I buyed lenovo v130-15ikb in 2019
Specs-i3 4 gb 1b

5months after its hinge broke and giving terrible performance

1 year later it’s keyboard stooped working and overheating
It’s performance is so terrible that if you right click on windows it freezes

So never buy lenovo laptops


I don’t know why people like these garbage computers. My ten year old Dell Inspiron runs better!

This stupid laptop takes at least 15 minutes to boot up, which is annoying enough, but since I have to force restart it multiple times every time I use it, you can imagine.

Why do I have to force restart so much? Because it’s constantly freezing up, every program, every time. And heaven help you if you wanted to use more than one program at a time.

First chance I get I am replacing these piece of crap and donating it to some shop class so the students can take it apart and do what they want with the pieces.

Lenovo SUCKS out loud!!

LENOVO is a Disgrace to All of Human Kind!!!
Customer service is Non Existant!!

This Lenovo Laptop is better suited as a doorstop all alone in the cold, dark recesses of my basement! What an absolute dumpster fire this thing turned out to be!!
The hard drive Failed less than 10 months of using it. Lenovo customer service… or lack thereof… what no help at all!!
Machine wouldn’t shut down when I told it to.
Wouldn’t boot up with wifi.
Wouldn’t boot up with sound.
Would have to restart multiple times to get it to start up correctly.
Bluetooth worked only when it felt like it.
Would never wake up from sleep.
and I swear i heard it call me names behind my back!!

Never ever. NEVER Again will I Purchase, Own or USE a Lenovo product!!

F Lenovo.

Lenovo sucks DONT even bother buying. I have sooo many issues with my laptop and it’s not even a YEAR old.
The battery is already u hinging from the screen, nonetheless.
Go with a DIFFERENT brand, save the troubles

p43s is a toaster oven

2022 and the company still sucks, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

I wrote a negative, yet well deserved review for my p43s laptop I purchased for college. I tried to use this for light CAD work and a bit of streaming (watching, not broadcasting), and this little thing heats up like an oven. It gets hot enough to thermal throttle from simply browsing the internet…

Well, lenovo didn’t like that I would be dragging down their list of heavily doctored positive reviews with a well detailed, highly technical critical one, so they rejected my review.

To anyone considering purchasing from lenovo, know that you are getting a below average device for an above average price tag. I will admit that lenovo chiclet keyboards are still excellent, but everything else is pretty bad.