Be Careful if You are Looking to Buy

I bought a Lenovo 90 DQ with 500 GB hard drive 4GB ram with Intel Pentium and Windows 10 to talk to my wife when she was visiting in China.

I have qq, skype, goggle chrome and vlc media player, I do not run Skype at the same time as qq. The problem is that when I am on qq video chat with my wife, the video freezes on an off or the voice fades away, during qq video chats also will get a pop up note saying the CPU is overloaded and suggest I turn off other programs that are running, never had problems like this with ASUS or DELL.

ALSO I have bought an Lenovo Idea pad 1120 S for travel and not to happy with it!

Lenovo is off my list of electronics to select from. These Lenovos are heading to the recycle bin and I’m headed to purchase a more reliable product soon.

Lenovo Sucks

I will never purchase another Lenovo product again. This product sucks the big one. What a piece of shit this product is.

Levono Really Does Suck

Lenovo – Yoga 13 Pro
Screws fallout
Touchpad B Grade
Sound quality poor – speakers distort

Support so bad it took two months to resolve a Keyboard problem, in the end the device was refunded by Lenovo, I purchased a second Lenovo – Bad choice.

I have been in the IT field for over 25 years, 2nd Lenovo model in 24 months, simply put: it is B Grade.

Lenovo really does suck – just a poor example of IT equipment, not built for today’s world.

Lenovo Customer for the Last Time

Own a Lenovo Laptop, which was quite expensive.

Lots of small things about it were broken from the start but I didn’t bother sending it in for repair.

Finally power and battery gave in. Can’t turn it on anymore.

Lenovo claimed it was my fault, that I had dropped it or something. So I got it back, unrepaired.

Will buy a new one, but NOT a Lenovo this time! Never again!